Conference participation and title of the contribution

01.12.2022    The temporal contingency of knowledge regimes and episteme in area studies, CBEES Annual Conference 2022, Stockholm, Sweden

25.11.2022    Changing knowledge regimes in the Baltic Sea region in the light of the critical junctures theory. 11th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies, Wrocław, Poland

15.09.2022    Legitymizacja przyszłości w politykach publicznych – przykład krajów nordyckich i Polski (with Agnieszka Dziedziczak-Foltyn), XVIII Polish Sociological Congress, Warsaw, Poland

02.06.2022    Polish representations of Norden during the epistemic gateway of the 1970s and 1980s, 5th Nordic Challenges Conference, Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond, Stockholm, Sweden.

28.05.2022    Internationalization as myth, ceremony and doxa. Higher education in the Baltic Sea region between centre and periphery, The 28th Biennial AABS Conference, Seattle, USA.

06.11.2021    Norden as Heterotopia. A comparative glimpse on the circulation of Nordic brands in Central and Eastern Europe, (with Lizaveta Dubinka-Hushcha), The Fourth Nordic Challenges Conference, Boston, USA (held on-line).

01.09.2021    Copying, alignment or convergence – institutional adjustment of the Baltic states to the Nordic model of regional cooperation since the Cold War, 14th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe, Uppsala, Sweden.

05.02.2021    «Different tropes from different Folks». Visions of the Nordic model from both sides of the Iron Curtain in the 1960s and 1970s, Conference on Alternative Visions of Europe in the 1970s (Plusieurs), hosted by the EUI; funded by the Academy of Finland; held on-line.

03.03.2020    The rise and fall of Balticness. Attempting a Baltic identity politics with a Nordic blueprint, ReNEW Excellence Hub “Re-Imagining Norden in an Evolving World” workshop on Identity politics in post-global Nordic societies. Helsingør, Denmark

07.11.2019    Knowledge regimes and international order in the Baltic Sea region, 9th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies, Gdynia, Poland

11.09.2019    Discourses of ‘autonomy’ and ‘collegiality’ in shaping higher education and science systems; exemplified by reforms in Poland and Sweden. (with Agnieszka Dziedziczak-Foltyn), XVII Polish Sociological Congress, Wrocław, Poland

03.05.2019    Science diplomacy for increasing regionness in the Baltic Sea area, Conference: Public Diplomacy in Conflict: Nordic, Baltic and East European Perspectives, Stockholm, Sweden

22.03. 2019   Framing Northern Europe as a space of learning and innovation, Conference: Géographies et Imaginaires. La construction de l’espace en Europe du Nord, Strasburg, France

05.03.2019    Current Trends in Higher Education: Norden in a Global Perspective (invited key-note), Emerging Scholars Day, 3rd Nordic Challenges Conference, CBS, Copenhagen, Denmark

29.11.2018    How to build legitimacy of regional integration on rational foundations - a case of epistemic communities in the Baltic Sea Region, CBEES Annual Conference 2018, Stockholm, Sweden

09.11.2018    Instytucje miękkiego bezpieczeństwa wobec narastającej niepewności w Europie północnej. Studium przypadku strategii UE dla regionu Morza Bałtyckiego [Soft security institutions facing increased insecurity in Northern Europe. A case of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region], 8th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies, Poznań, Poland

20.09.2018    Zachowanie państw w regionie bałtyckim w warunkach narastającej niepewności [Behaviour of states in the Baltic Sea region under the circumstances of growing uncertainty], 4th Polish Political Science Congress, Lublin, Poland

29.06.2018    Epistemic gateways to the Baltic Sea Region (invited key-note), Baltic Borderlands conference: The Power of Borderland(s): In Media's Res, Greifswald, Germany

03.06.2018    Overcoming the paradox of doxa in higher education and science in the Baltic Sea Region, AABS Conference at Stanford University: The 100th Anniversary of Baltic Independence, Stanford, CA, USA

15.05.2018    Regions in the European North as identity building projects, Conference – Drammar* of culture and nature: relations between Poland and the North, Gdańsk, Poland

08.03.2018    Reframing Identities, Interests and Strategies in a Time of Uncertainty in the Baltic Sea Region, CENS2018: the second Annual Nordic Studies Conference, Helsinki, Finland

29.11.2017    The role of academic expertise in periods of uncertainty in the Baltic Sea region, CBEES Annual Conference 2017, Stockholm, Sweden

09.11.2017    EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region as a regime reconfiguring the regional space in North-Eastern Europe, 7th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies, Kraków, Poland

19.10.2017    Doskonałość naukowa. Wspólny potencjał regionu Morza Bałtyckiego [Scientific excellence. A joint potential of the Baltic Sea region], 5th Conference of Polish Higher Education Researchers, Poznań, Poland

15.05.2017    The Finnish way of reforming higher education, The centenary of independence of Finland conference. Diverse areas of Finnish Studies: language-culture–nation, Gdańsk, Poland

21.03.2017    Constructions and Perceptions of the Nordic Model in Poland – Past and Present (with Maja Chacińska), Conference “Global Challenges - Nordic Experiences”, Oslo, Norway.

15.12.2016    Reformowanie szkolnictwa wyższego po fińsku [Reforming higher education the Finnish way], 4th Conference of Polish Higher Education Researchers, Poznań, Poland

02.12.2016    Institutionalization of EUSBSR in the time of growing uncertainty, CBEES Annual Conference Transforming Spaces – Mastering Uncertainty: A Second Take on Area Studies in the Baltic Sea region and Eastern Europe. Stockholm, Sweden

26.05.2016    How epistemic communities frame the Baltic Sea region, 25th Conference of Baltic Studies, Univ. of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

26.04.2016    Disciplinary options and consequences of contemporary area studies   40th Anniversary Conference of Scandinavian Studies in Gdańsk, Poland

14.04.2016    O narzucaniu porządku w przestrzeni regionalnej. Rola wspólnot epistemicznych i reżimów wiedzy w zarządzaniu ryzykiem i stabilizowaniu niepewności. [On imposing order in a regional space. The role of epistemic communities and knowledge regimes in managing risk and stabilising uncertainty], IV Gdańsk Baltic Conference, University of Gdańsk, Poland

13.04.2016    Discourses of modernization and grand narratives of development. Nordic countries and Poland in comparison, University of Lund, Sweden

12.11.2015    Analiza stosunków międzynarodowych obszaru nordycko-bałtyckiego w perspektywie koncepcji Pierra Bourdieu [Analysing international relations in the Nordic-Baltic region from the perspective of Bourdieu’s concepts], 5th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies, Gdańsk, Poland

26.09.2015    Probing the concept of epistemic communities for the Baltic Sea region, Conference: Interactive Borderland? Re-thinking networks and organizations in Europe. Riga, Latvia

24.09.2015    Use of knowledge networks and epistemic communities for the Baltic Sea Region, 11th annual International Scientific Conference on “Regional Identity: the Paradigm of Public Welfare of the Baltic Sea Region” Klaipeda, Lithuania

09.06.2015    Nordic progress, Rhetoric of Nordicness Workshop, Finnish Institute, Berlin, Germany

27.05.2015    Farewell to (post)colonialism in Danish-Greenlandic relations? And then again, maybe not..., New Narratives of the Postcolonial Arctic, RUC, Roskilde, Denmark

24.04.2015    Reforms of higher education funding in Finland - an analytical mirror and ideal type for Central and Eastern Europe, Conference: Challenges for Higher Education in Central and Eastern Europe. Cracow, Poland

02.12.2014    The Danish discourse of Greenland – examples of discursive framing with a long history (with Agata Lubowicka), Arctic Days: Greenland and Sápmi in literature, painting and film. Gdańsk, Poland.

15.11.2014    Od nierównego partnerstwa do NB8. Przemoc symboliczna i inne dyspozycje w polu relacji nordycko-bałtyckich [From an unequal partnership to NB8. Symbolic violence and other dispositions in the field of Nordic-Baltic relations], IV Konwencja PTSM [4th Convention of the Polish Society of International Studies], Wrocław, Poland

31.03.2014    Modern Area Studies approach to the Baltic Sea Region, Baltic University Programme Preparatory meeting for the 4th Rectors Conference, Uppsala, Sweden

14.03.2014    Nordic Assistance, Norm Entrepreneurship and Public Diplomacy in the Baltic States since the 1990s, Yale Conference on Baltic and Scandinavian Studies, New Haven, USA

12.09.2013    Dyskursy modernizacyjne i wielkie narracje rozwojowe. Polska w konfrontacji z krajami nordyckimi. (together with Agnieszka Dziedziczak-Foltyn) [Discourses of modernisation and grand development narratives – Poland compared with the Nordic countries], XV Polish Congress of Sociology, Szczecin, Poland.

17.06.2013    Benevolent Assistance, Norm Entrepreneurship or Skilful Public Diplomacy: Patterns of Nordic involvement in the Baltic States since the 1990s, The 10th Conference on Baltic Studies in Europe. Tallinn, Estonia

25.05.2013    Nordic public diplomacy and the construction of the Nordic-Baltic region: The case of education and research cooperation, The 4th International Conference on Nordic and Baltic Studies in Romania – Constanta, Romania

11.04.2013    Rola dyplomacji publicznej w kształtowaniu relacji pomiędzy krajami nordyckimi i republikami bałtyckimi [The role of public diplomacy in shaping relations between the Nordic and Baltic countries], Conference: Współpraca i konkurencja w Europie Bałtyckiej, Gdańsk, Poland

20.09.2012    Strategiczna funkcja dyskursu regionalnego i umiędzynarodowienia w polityce szkolnictwa wyższego krajów nordyckich [Strategic function of the regional discourse and internationalisation in higher education policy of the Nordic countries], II Polish Congress of Political Science, Poznań, Poland.

16.03.2012    Polityka edukacyjno-badawcza państw nordyckich w szkolnictwie wyższym [Educational and science policy of the Nordic countries in higher education], Konferencja Fundacji Naukowej Norden Centrum Nordycki model rozwoju - specyfika, perspektywy, lekcje dla Polski, Warsaw, Poland.

26.09.2011    University and regional development in Northern European periphery – the case of the University of Tromsø, International Conference: Cities and their Universities for the Creation of Knowledge and Innovation, Warszawa, Poland

24.05.2011    Aspekty zmiany instytucji akademickich w postindustrialnym porządku społecznym – na przykładzie krajów nordyckich [Changing HEIs in the postindustrial social order – examples from the Nordic countries], Konferencja: Szkoła wyższa w toku zmian, Kraków, Poland.

23.02.2011    Nordplus programme as a tool for creating common values in education in the Nordic-Baltic region, Conference on “Lithuanian-Nordic cooperation: Life-long Learning Experience and Common Values”, Vilnius, Lithuania.

10.08.2010    Pomiędzy umiędzynarodowieniem i lokalnością. Glokalne strategie rozwojowe szkół wyższych w krajach nordyckich [Between internationalisation and localisation. Glocal strategies of HEIs in the Nordic countries], XIV Polish Congress of Sociology, Cracow, Poland.

10.06.2010    Operational models and elective strategies of universities in the post-industrial age – the case of the Nordic countries, 23rd Annual CHER Conference: Effects of Higher Education Reforms. Oslo, Norway

13.04.2010    Elitist turn in higher education in the context of recent reforms in the Nordic countries        European Social Science History Conference 2010, Ghent, Belgium

29.01.2009    The Social Function of Higher Education: current perspectives from different parts of Europe, NESOR project conference, Barcelona, Spain

3.10.2008      Recommendations for the future of higher education in the EU – comments to the NESOR findings         NESOR project - SECOND TRANSNATIONAL CONFERENCE, Łódź, Poland

19.09.2008    Political transformation and its impact on higher education in the Baltic Sea region, BalticStudyNet workshop for multipliers, Tallinn, Estonia

26.08.2008    Redefining stakeholders in Nordic higher education, 30th ANNUAL EAIR (The European Higher Education Society) FORUM, Copenhagen, Danmark

12.06.2008    Kształcenie ustawiczne jako wyzwanie dla szkolnictwa wyższego na przykładzie krajów nordyckich [LLL as a challenge in higher educationexamples from the Nordic countries], NESOR Project Conference: Szkolnictwo wyższe wobec wyzwań społeczeństwa wiedzy, Łódź, Poland.

01.03.2008    Reconstructing Nordic significance in post-modern Europe, European Social Science History Conference 2008, Lisbon, Portugal

31.08.2007.   The public good function of universities in recent Nordic higher education reforms, Conference of CHER (Consortium of Higher Education Researchers), Dublin – Ireland

16.06.2007    Educating for the social change - a historical reappraisal of higher education sector in Nordic welfare states, Change and Resistance - An International Conference on Social Transformations and Education, Gdańsk – Poland.

18.05.2006    Higher Education Reforms in the Nordic Countries – trading the public good for the good of the market?, International Conference on Learning in the Academia: Socio-Cultural and Political Perspectives, Leźno - Poland

08.08.2005    Higher Education and Regional Development: a Case of the Baltic Sea Region, European Conference of Educational Research 2005, 7.-10.08. 2005, Dublin – Ireland

05.04.2005    Higher education in the Baltic Sea region and the European ambition to create a common area for research and higher education, Conference: GO NORTH! Baltic Sea Region Studies: Past–Present–Future, Humboldt University Berlin, Germany

20.11.2004    Going regional or going global – Universities in the Baltic Sea Region after the EU Enlargement, Conference: Nach der EU-Erweiterung. Veränderungen und Herausforderungen in der Ostseeregion. Södertörn Högskola, Stockholm, Sweden.

8.10.2004      Regional Universities in the Baltic Sea Region Facing Globalization, Conference: The 2nd International Conference on Universities' Quality Development: Higher Education Facing Globalization and Europeanization. Vilnius, Lithauania

29.05.2004    Experiences in research and administration of research networks in the Baltic Sea region Conference: Changes, Challenges and Chances - Conclusions and Perspectives of Baltic Sea Area Studies, Berlin, Germany

13.11.2003    The Baltic Sea Universities in the Knowledge-Based Society, Conference: Transformationsprozesse im Ostseeraum und die osteuropäische Erfahrung, Vienna, Austria

8.10.2003      Images of the Northern Countries, 16. Arbeitstagung der deutschsprachigen Skandinavistik, Basel, Switzerland

12.07.2003    Methodological and practical problems in the research proposals concerning the Baltic Sea region, Euro Summer School. The Baltic Sea Region 2010. Greifswald, Germany

30.10.2002    Construction of the Northern Countries in modern discourse, Conference: Norden at the Crossroads, Helsinki, Finland


Open lectures and panels:

26.04.2021:  Invited panelist: Państwa bałtyckie: transformacja, bezpieczeństwo, nowe technologie [The Baltic States: transformation, security, ne technologies], Biblioteka Publiczna Warszawy, Biblioteka Główna Województwa Mazowieckiego oraz Instytut Europy Środkowej, Poland

22.04.2021:  Invited panelist on-line: Geopolityczne Znaczenie Morza Bałtyckiego [Geopolitical Significance of the Baltic Sea], Regionalny Ośrodek Debaty Międzynarodowej w Krakowie, Poland

28.01.2021:  Invited panelist on-line: Space Bridge 2.0, Baltic University Program, Uppsala, Sweden

14.10.2020:  Invited panelist on-line: Polska nad Bałtykiem - perspektywa polityki historycznej, Janusz Kurtyka Foundation, Poland

22.02.2019:  Invited panelist: Joint Areas of Research Excellence in the Baltic Sea Region: Our Answer to the Future, Baltic Science Network final conference and CBSS Annual BALTIC SEA SCIENCE DAY, Riga, Latvia

26.1.2018:    Internationalisation as a modus operandi of higher education in the contemporary world: goals, strategies and frameworks in the Nordic countries, Educational Research Institute Seminar: Ascertaining Higher Education in the Contemporary World, Warsaw, Poland

05.10.2017:  Development of the Concept of Summer Universities as an Element of PhD Training and Third Level University Education, Workshop on the Future of the CBSS EuroFaculty Programme, Potsdam, Germany

13.06.2017: Scientific Excellence: Joint Potentials in the Baltic Sea Region, 8th Annual EUSBSR forum, Berlin, Germany

04.07.2016: Balticness – what is it? Almedalen CBSS Seminar on regional identity, “Balticness – what is it?”, Visby, Sweden

22.10.2015: Knowledge Networks and Border Universities as Means and Instruments to Develop the Baltic Sea Region, EuroFaculty Pskov Closing Seminar, Pskov, Russia.

20.04.2015: Internationalisation as a development strategy of universities in the Baltic Sea Region, 13th Forum of South Baltic Parliaments, Hamburg, Germany

19.02.2015: Dimensions of educational and research cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region (with Paula Lindroos), Brainstorming Seminar on a “Baltic Science Network”, Hamburg, Germany

28.10.2014: Internationalisation of universities in the BSR: Reasons, means and challenges for making it work, 5th Annual Forum of Euroregion Baltic Stakeholders, Gdańsk, Poland

15.05.2014: The Universities’ Internationalization in the Baltic Sea Region, Annual BSRUN Forum at St. Petersburg State University of Economics (UNECON), Skt. Petersburg, Russia

28.10.2013: Internationalization and Public Diplomacy: Why Are They Difficult and How to Make Them Relevant for Regional University Cooperation, BSRUN Seminar: Frameworks for University Cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, Turku, Finland

24.10.2013: On the Swedish national character that sometimes makes Polish-Swedish contacts easier or more difficult, Debate on "Polish-Swedish cooperation for the Baltic Sea region”, Marshall Office of the Pomorskie Region, Gdańsk, Poland

07.06.2013: Public diplomacy in the Baltic Sea region: on-line seminar, SEBA conference Creativity and Cooperation in the South Eastern Baltic Area, Nordic Council Information Office, Kaliningrad, Russia

09.11.2012: Global and regional considerations in higher education policy and practice in Nordic and Polish experience, Baltic University Program Teachers Conference, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland

05.10.2011: Poland's identity between the Baltic and the Black Seas, European Cultural Foundation Network, Helsinki, Finland

12.12.2008: The Future of the CBSS - Trends and Cornerstones of a Deeper Integration, International Forum - Challenges and Options for the Baltic Sea Region, MFA, Vilnius, Lithuania

28.11.2008: Poland as a Baltic Sea Country – Priorities and Doubts, BSRUN Round-Table on Baltic Sea Strategy, Turku, Finland

07.11.2008: The Knowledge-Based Societies in The Baltic Sea Region, Seminar for Young Leaders from the Baltic Sea Countries at Europäische Akademie Berlin, Berlin, Germany

08.11.2007: Das skandinavische Modell, Schweden – Deutschland – Norden. Bilanz und Perspektiven von Forschungsgemeinschaften, Kungl. Vitterhets Historie och Antikvitets Akademien Stockholm, Sweden.

02.05.2002: Polish Foreign Policy in the Baltic Sea region, European Days in Gdańsk: Panel Session, Gdańsk City Council, Poland.


Popularizing research in the media

2020.07.07, Podcast - Knowledge on the Nordics by @nordicsinfo (ca 15 mins).

2020.06.16, interview for TOK FM radio on the state of economy and politics in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic.(20 mins).

2020.05.27, interview for TOK FM radio on the governance and trust in science in Sweden during the COVID-19 pandemic.(20 mins).

2016, interview for the Polish Radio channel 1, on higher education and academic profession in the Nordic countries.

2004, interview and panel discussion on the Danish Radio DR1 on Poland’s EU membership.